Robert J. Ackerman, Ph.D.


For more than three decades I have worked helping families and children of all ages. The one common denominator in the world seems to be family. As a professor, researcher, author and presenter I have traveled nationally and internationally meeting many families who have shared their stories. I hope that some of the information available on my webpage can help you either professionally or personally.

As you can see this webpage is divided into sections representing my current books, CDs and DVDs. For all of the CDs you can listen to a brief audio section and for some of the DVDs you can view several minutes. Additionally, there are available a few interviews with me, both audio and visual, as well as access to two articles of mine from Counselor Magazine. Finally, please visit the link page to access important information about families available on the internet.

Thank you for visiting and if I can help you please use the contact page to reach me.

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