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Robert J. Ackerman, Ph.D.

The following topics are examples of available presentations by Dr. Robert J. Ackerman. These presentations are adaptable for all day workshops or shorter presentations, evening addresses, or conference sessions. The focus of the presentations can be directed towards meeting the needs of children, adolescents, or adults in either education or clinical settings.

  • From Our Family to Yours: Reducing & Preventing Intergenerational Family Transmission of Addiction
  • Weapons of Mass Self-Destruction: Helping to Reduce Relapse in Recovering Clients by Preventing Self-Defeating Behaviors
  • Overcoming the Inabilities that Prevent Treatment and Recovery
  • I'm Trying Every Technique I know, But Nothing Happens: Understanding the Importance of Social Context and Precursors to Facilitate Change
  • Using Typologies to Establish Goals in Treatment and Recovery
  • Developing Resiliency and Achievement Skills in High Risk Youth
  • Chemical Dependency & the Family: Using a Strength-Based Model for Treatment and Recovery
  • Appreciating Gender Differences in Treatment & Recovery from Chemical Dependency
  • Reclaiming Joy in Your Life
  • The Emotional and Behavioral Impact on Children/Adolescents Living in Dysfunctional Families
  • Silent Sons: For Men Raised in Dysfunctional Families and Those Who Love Tem
  • Perfect Daughters: Adult Daughters of Alcoholics & Other Traumas
  • Intimacy: Women, Men and Relationships
  • Developing Healthy Families: Show Me the Way to Grow Home
  • The Impact of High Risk People on Our Self-Esteem
  • A Sigh of Belief: Helping Parents Raise Their Confidence
  • Get Out of My Life, But First Can You Take Me to the Mall? Working with High Risk Resistant Adolescents
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Successful Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programs
  • Before It's Too Late: Helping Women in Controlling or Abusive Relationships
  • Smarter Than You Think: Adult Survivors of Trauma & Dysfunctional Families, Using Emotional, Social and Spiritual Intelligences in a Resiliency-Based Model for Life-Long Recovery
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